Frequently asked questions

General information

What is StethoMe?

StethoMe is an innovative solution. It more effectively controls, and allows you to monitor auscultatory parameters in the course of respiratory diseases. Combining the StethoMe stethoscope and StethoMe AI algorithms makes it possible to identify and measure the intensity of:

  • - wheezes and rhonchi. These sounds often accompany exacerbations of bronchial asthma, bronchiolitis, and bronchitis, as well as in upper respiratory tract congestion.
  • - fine and coarse crackles. These sounds are frequently associated with pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and bronchial congestion.

With StethoMe you can monitor the first symptoms at home, reduce the need for in person visits and provide your doctor with key data for effective treatment.

The app will assist you throughout the examination, and analyse your recordings with the help of our algorithms (StethoMe AI). You receive the result on thescreen withinmoments. You won’thave to do anything else as the whole process is automatic. Also you can easily share the recordings and examination results with your doctor. Both StethoMe stethoscope and the StethoMe AI algorithms are medical devices.

Who can use StethoMe?

With StethoMe stethoscope, you can perform auscultation of children and adults at home, even if you have no medical training. StethoMe can be used in all age groups. Please note that due to the high physiological variability of the parameters determined, results for children under 1 year of age should always be consulted with a doctor. Special caution is recommended for this age group.

An auscultation examination with the StethoMe can also be performed by a doctor and medical personnel. Both StethoMe stethoscope and the StethoMe AI are medical devices (CE 2274).

Does the StethoMe app work on every smartphone?

The StethoMe app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Supported software versions are: Android 9 (and higher) and iOS 15 (and higher).

Is StethoMe only for children with asthma? What if my child has cystic fibrosis or an infection?

StethoMe is recommended by the Pediatric Section of the Polish Society of Allergology and the Polish Society of Pediatric Pneumonology for use for asthma in children and to assist in telemedicine visits [link: ""]. It can be used for auscultation in patients with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, croup syndrome, bronchitis, pneumonia or other acute and chronic airway diseases. However, it is important to note that for some respiratory diseases (such as asymptomatic pneumonia) there are no auscultatory changes, so the results of the tests may be ambiguous. You should always see your doctor if your symptoms get worse or last long. StethoMe AI's medical algorithms detect and determine the intensity of abnormal auscultatory sounds such as wheezes, rhonchi, fine and coarse crackles. They also measure respiratory rate, inspiration/expiration ratio and heart rate. You can send your test results from the StethoMe app directly to your doctor.

What does StethoMe detect?

Depending on the examination mode, StethoMe AI:

  • detects and determines the intensity of abnormal breath sounds such as:
    • wheezes,
    • rhonchi,
    • fine crackles,
    • coarse crackles,
  • measures:
    • respiratory rate (RR),
    • inspiration/expiration ratio (I/E),
    • heart rate (BPM).

Remember that only your doctor can make decisions about your treatment. Send your results to your doctor for consultation and diagnosis.

Use of StethoMe®

How StethoMe works

StethoMe is a wireless electronic stethoscope that works with a dedicated phone app. The stethoscope connects to your phone using Bluetooth (Low Energy) technology.

For StethoMe to work you need:

  • StethoMe stethoscope (available with a subscription on our website),
  • Internet access (enabled on your phone),
  • the latest version of the StethoMe app (downloadable from the Google Play or App Store).

The app will assist you throughout the examination and analyse your recordings with the help of our algorithms (StethoMe AI). You will receive the result on the screen within moments. You won’t have to do anything else as the whole process is automatic. Also, you can easily share the recordings and examination results with your doctor.

See how StethoMe works.

How do I send the result to the doctor?

After completing the examination, click on ‘Share’ and select the application with which you want to send the obtained results. You can also share your results by going to ‘History’ - simply select the examination and click on ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner. The doctor does not need to register anywhere or be related to StethoMe in any way to view the results.

In order to keep your data secure, the link to the recordings and results page is active for 48 hours (you can change this value in the App Settings). You can generate it again at any time or select other studies to share. Remember that your doctor can play the recording and analyse it themself.

I have a problem with the insufficient quality of the examination.

Many factors influence the quality of the performed examination. Remember that the patient should breathe deeply, at a natural rate, preferably through the mouth. When performing an examination with an electronic stethoscope, special care should be taken to ensure that the stethoscope is in a stable position during recording (not moving it during the examination). It is very important to keep the room quiet and avoid talking to the patient during the auscultation.

You are encouraged to try the examination again, applying all of the following considerations:

  • Please keep the room quiet (no talking) and make sure that all nearby devices that may make sounds are turned off (TV, radio, air conditioning, etc.).
  • During recording, the stethoscope must be held firmly and securely on the body (slight movement and pulling the stethoscope away from the body will result in interference). If the patient has hair on the chest or back, hair rubbing against the membrane of the stethoscope will also generate interference.
  • The stethoscope must be placed on the naked body (do not record through clothing).
  • When recording, breathing should be deepened, through the mouth. In an ideal scenario, there should be 3-4 audible breathing cycles during the recording of each point.
  • Special care should be taken to ensure that you are applying the device in the right place - poor positioning can also affect the quality of the recordings, it is worth asking someone for help particularly when you are also examining the back.
  • In the case of patients with obesity, there may be a problem with the quality of the recordings, as fat tissue attenuates the sound.
  • In older people, if there are difficulties with deepened breathing, recordings may also be of poor quality.

My mobile phone does not connect to StethoMe.

Unlike some devices, we do not pair the stethoscope with your phone in Bluetooth settings - our app does this automatically using Bluetooth* Smart (Low Energy) technology. If you have previously attempted to pair the device through the settings, please ensure that the stethoscope is not left in connection mode, which will prevent you from reconnecting or connecting to another device. If the stethoscope display shows an icon of two connected circles in the upper left corner, this means that the stethoscope is still in connection mode. To bring it out of it, simply connect the stethoscope to the charge for a moment. Then connect already through the app, once you have selected your preferred examination the phone will automatically connect to the nearest stethoscope.

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of these marks by StethoMe is for informational purposes only.

My stethoscope does not charge or does not start up.

In this case, try connecting the stethoscope using a different plug to the power supply or try connecting it to the USB port on your computer. If the device still does not charge please email us at

How can I change the application language?

The language of the app is set automatically based on the language of the phone. Currently, our app is available in three language versions: Polish, English and French. If your phone is set to a language other than one of the languages listed above, English is set by default.

StethoMe® purchase

What does the StethoMe price include?

As part of your purchase you will receive:

  • an electronic stethoscope,
  • instant access to the results of the recording analysis performed by StethoMe AI medical algorithms,
  • access to the app along with unlimited analyses performed by medical AI algorithms for 12 months,
  • possibility to add multiple patients to the account (number depends on the chosen plan),
  • option to generate and send links or files containing results for consultation with a doctor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

How do I activate my licence?

To use the StethoMe AI applications and algorithms, you must have an active licence. Activation will take place upon first connection of the stethoscope with the app.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation of a subscription is possible from the "Manage subscription" panel (available in the StethoMe app and at Cancellation means that the fee for the next billing period will not be charged (however, the subscription will remain valid until its scheduled end.

Reactivation of subscription

If you have a device, you can reactivate a previously cancelled subscription at any time. reactivate it at any time. To do this, use the ‘’Manage subscription‘’ panel (available in the StethoMe app settings and at

I own a StethoMe stethoscope. How can I purchase a licence?

In this case please contact us by sending email at

How can I check the status of my subscription?

You can check your subscription status (type and duration) under the Subscription tab in the StethoMe app settings and at in the "Manage subscription" panel.

Returns and complaints

How long does the warranty last?

Warranty upon purchase is granted for 24 months.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please email us at or call us on +48 574 404 576 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CEST).